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    1. Our research contributions


      LRES Training Management research is generally published in peer reviewed journals and submitted to NCVER’s [National Centre for Vocational Education Research] international tertiary education research database, VOCEDplus, for indexing to be made available to the Australian Vocational Education and Training community.

      • Skiba, R. (2020). Blockchain Technology as a Health and Safety Contributor in the Transport and Logistics Industry – Human Resource Requirements. International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology (IJISRT), 5 (4), 544-550. https://doi.org/10.38124/IJISRT20APR685. [View as PDF]
      • Skiba, R. (2020). Mitigating the Risk of Fatality through Increased Uptake in Vocational Education and Training in Australian High Risk Occupations. International Education and Research Journal, 6 (4), 37 – 41. [View as PDF]
      • Skiba, R. (2020). Adaptation of Australian Qualifications in Building and Construction for Delivery within the European Qualifications Framework. International Education and Research Journal, 6 (5), 6-9. [View as PDF]


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